Internet of Things, or the extension of the Internet to the world of objects ( things ) that make themselves recognizable and acquire intelligence thanks to the fact that they can interact with the network and communicate data about themselves and access information external. The fields of applicability are many: industrial applications (production processes), logistics and infomobility, energy efficiency, remote assistance, environmental protection, etc …

Some concrete examples of IoT: a house that turns on the heating as soon as he hears you coming; cars that can constantly communicate with the surrounding environment and thus facilitate our driving, increasing safety and comfort; “smart” traffic lights that turn green when no oncoming vehicles pass.

Easy-One has been working for several years with companies in the sector to offer highly specialized IoT services.

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Digital signage is a form of communication that is based on the display of digital content, such as images and videos, on any type of screen and monitor. The versatility of digital signage offers opportunities for many commercial activities (hotels, restaurants, shops) but also corporate offices, to update employees on everything related to the company (courses, new provisions, holidays, etc …).

The technology behind digital signage consists of software that, connected to the Internet , allows you to choose and program the contents to be transmitted on the screens (players), by creating a playlist.

With digital signage, all the communication limits that differentiate what is static from what is dynamic.

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A remote control system is the integration of hardware and software technologies aimed at the remote management of plants and processes. It is necessary to have a control and supervision center for the processing of data coming from the equipment in the field: sensors, actuators, transducers that are located on the system in the environment in order to make them usable by an operator. Some examples of possible applications of Remote Control: district heating, aqueduct and waste water purification systems, traffic lights and roads, control of pollutant levels, building automation, public lighting … Easy-One has decades of experience in specific Remote Control systems for Museums and Cultural Heritage.

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A sector that undergoes continuous and constant development in step with technological evolution. It is widely used in the public and private security sector. To date, cameras with HD resolution allow perfect image transmission to the recorder and are also equipped with LEDs for night vision. The video recorders for video surveillance systems connected to the internet allow you to control the images of the cameras even from a distance, for example on your smartphone. For over 10 years Easy-One has been installing professional video surveillance systems for public and private companies.

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Assistance & Support

Assistenza telefonica

Easy-One è a disposizione dei propri Clienti per fornire assistenza telefonica: in tempo reale se possibile oppure concordata con il Cliente previo appuntamento telefonico.

Assistenza in remoto

L’assistenza in remoto consiste nel collegarsi via rete all’apparato del Cliente (PC, server, player, ..) e fornire il supporto necessario senza la necessità di recarsi in loco e snellire così tempi e costi.

Assistenza in loco

Non sempre è possibile o sufficiente fornire assistenza telefonica o in remoto, per cui si rende necessaria la presenza dei nostri operatori in loco previo appuntamento concordato con il Cliente.